Sunday, March 05, 2017

I'm Drunk, I Love You (JP Habac, 2017)

Graduate na tayo... Graduate na ako!

Within a span of a day, a spunky female college student gets to experience 2 graduations. The first one has her in a dress with a Sablay sash on. The second one has her in a ... Wait. Hold on. Have you seen this wonderful film?

I'm Drunk, I Love You (IDILY) is a heady movie riped for word of mouth referrals and recommendations. It is more heart-tugging and delectable than the viral ad videos for a spicy chicken sandwich or burger sandwich. The film is a special brew of Camp Sawi, Starting Over Again, and Dagitab. Add in a potent dose of Before Sunrise and you have a hugot movie for keeps.

This month of March will have its fair share of commencement exercises. Graduates will savor the challenge of new beginnings and new adventures.

Social work major Carson (Maja Salvador) will graduate within 2 days. She wholeheartedly accepts the invitation of her friend Dio (Paolo Avelino) to accompany him to a music festival in La Union. Carson had been holding a torch for schoolmate Dio for seven long years. This weekend trip will probably be her last chance to step up on her relationship with Dio. Unknown to her, Dio will meet up with his ex-girlfriend Pathy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) in the northern province. Sigh... The synopsis suggests a bummer of a weekend for Carson or is there still hope?

A notable segment from IDILY shows Carson waking up to the gorgeous sight of Dio's face. She then wipes out her saliva after savoring the scenery.

The young actors are all good. There is another young actor, Dominic Roco, in the cast. Initially, I thought Roco will figure in a love triangle with the two lead actors. Well, his character, Jason Ty, did figure in a troika but with a different couple he met at the beach. An important scene shows Jason Ty ruing saying I love you during a drinking spree. 

I love you....

Those three little words are easy to say but difficult to express. Several people including Jason Ty needs to take alcohol drinks to be able to blurt it out to their loved ones. Other people, such as Carson, hesitate because they fear rejection or possible end to whatever relationships they have with their loved ones.

An insightful segment shows Carson discussing Dio's song dedication. She had bittersweet recollection of the words blurted out by Dio. The three little words - I love you - were indeed thrown her way. The problem is, as Carson succintly puts it, Dio appended the word - 'tol - to the three words.

I love you, 'tol!

Being friendzoned is difficult enough but being familyzoned?!? Carson is in a bind. Graduation is just around the corner. Will she keep her feelings to herself? Seven years is a long time to keep bottled-up passion for a person. In seven years, a medical student transforms into a doctor. In seven years, a fresh graduate can rise to become a young manager for a multinational company.

The final scene shows the two lead characters celebrating their graduation. In a film teeming with brainy dialogues by Giancarlo Abrahan, the most memorable line for me is the one uttered by Carson near the end. 

Graduate na ako!

The evolution of the UP Diliman student Carson is a joy to watch. She graduated alright after seven long years. More importantly, she stepped up in the field of love. With sheer willpower, she goes beyond romantic love. She is now experiencing the wonders of agape love.

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