Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pridyider (Rico Maria Ilarde, 2012)

Wow! If the cooooool trailer whetted your appetite, then check out the coooooler film in its entirety. 

The ravishing Tina Benitez (Andi Eigenmann) is a balikbayan planning to establish a restaurant and iron out chinks from her mysterious past. She has been away for two decades. With great haste, she spruces up the old family house into a serviceable one. House lights are working. The humongous refrigerator is humming and, yikes!, still observing surreptitiously not unlike the demented Hal computer from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Pridyider is based on a classic Shake Rattle & Roll episode directed by Ishmael Bernal. The premise of that short feature is that the refrigerator imbibes and acts out the evil thoughts of the house residents. The fridge becomes, among other things, a filthy pig, a lustful voyeur, and a vengeful killer.

Ilarde's pridyider (refrigerator) is way more malevolent. It is a cursed portal to an infernal pit for lust/food gluttons. The film seems to target late night snacking (in the dining room and the bed room). Among the recent additions to the hell hole are two women who steal and feed on the love of another woman's husband, a stray black cat, and an obese thief who partakes of food in the ref. Tina finds a way to rid the refrigerator of the curse. With the help of her childhood friend, she descends courageously to the pit and plants an anti-curse bomb.

Andi Eigenmann can give Solenn Heussaff a run for her money for meaty action/adventure roles. The former gave a surprising strong performance as Tina, a rashly daring woman in her mid-twenties. A flashback reveals how she took on bullies during her early grade school years. This kick-ass attitude served her well in her encounters with a mysterious figure and supernatural beings. I loved that she doesn't hesitate to confront stalkers. The way she handles the knife shows that she is her mother's daughter.

The film Pridyider is a lavish, sumptuous buffet of delicious performances, visual treats, and hearty chuckles. Ilarde outdid himself with this tongue-in-cheek chiller. Tiktik, watch out because this movie has a firm hold, tentacles and all, on the 'best horror film of the year' tag.

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